4 Primary Auxiliaries (Be, Have, Do)

Exercise 1

  1. The wind is blowing hard.
  2. She is not attending the computer class.
  3. We do not go to school on Sunday.
  4. I did not show that letter to anyone.
  5. I am working hard these days.
  6. A man was selling beautiful balloons.
  7. The birds were sitting in the tree.
  8. Suresh has paid his loan.
  9. They have gone to market.
  10. Does he know your address ?

Exercise 2

  1. He has told a lie.
  2. He does not eat meat.
  3. Sonu is not reading in this school.
  4. Sohan has got a good prize.
  5. It was raining heavily yesterday.
  6. The work has not been finished yet.
  7. They are coming back now.
  8. The boy did not play the match last week.
  9. You did not invite me to dinner yesterday.
  10. Mahesh does not cast his vote in the last election.