7 Grammar ‘IF’ For Open Condition

ये खुली शर्त वाले वाक्य होते हैं तथा इनमें “If’ अथवा ‘when’ का (‘यदि’ अथवा ‘जब’ का) प्रयोग होता इसमें दो उपवाक्य होते हैं, प्रत्येक उपवाक्य में verb (क्रिया) होता है। ‘I’ अथवा ‘When’ वाले उपवाक्य में ‘शर्त’ दी हुई होती है, जिसके पूरा होने पर ही दूसरे उपवाक्य की क्रिया होती है। इसे एक उदाहरण द्वारा समझिये

1. If you come, I shall teach you.
यदि तुम आओगे तो मैं तुम्हें पढ़ाऊँगा। स्पष्टीकरण1. इसमें दो उपवाक्य हैं-
(i) If you come, 
(ii) I shall teach you. 

2. ‘If’ वाले उपवाक्य में शर्त है……………..यदि तुम आओगे

3. तो मैं पढ़ाऊँगा-अर्थात् प्रथम उपवाक्य में दी गई शर्त पूरी होगी तभी दूसरे उपवाक्य की क्रिया होगी। यदि प्रथम उपवाक्य में दी गई शर्त पूरी नहीं होगी तो दूसरे उपवाक्य में दी गई क्रिया नहीं होगी। अर्थात् ‘यदि तुम नहीं आओगे’ तो मैं नहीं पढ़ाऊँगा। 

(Verb भरने के Golden Rules) 

Rule : 1 : If अथवा When वाले उपवाक्य में यदि Verb की I Form (Present Tense) दी हुई हो, तोदूसरे उपवाक्य में shall/will तथा Verb की I Form आयेगी। 

1. If you go to Agra, you ………….. the Taj Mahal. (see)
Answer: If you go to Agra, you will see the Taj Mahal

Rule: 2: यदि दूसरे उपवाक्य में will/shall तथा verb की I Form दी हुई हो तो If/When वाले उपवाक्य में सदैव Verb की I Form ही आयेगी। ध्यान दें-If अथवा When वाले उपवाक्य में ‘will’ अथवा ‘shall’ का प्रयोग कभी भी नहीं होगा। 

1. If you …………. me, I shall thank you. (help)
Answer: If you help me, I shall thank you. 

2. When Sita …………. tea, you will take it.(make) 
Answer: When Sita makes tea, you will take it.

Exercise – 1. 

Based on the Textbook Match the sentences in Column ‘A’ with the correct ending in Column ‘B’

कॉलम ‘A’ के वाक्यों का उनके कॉलम ‘B’ के | उचित अन्त से मिलान कीजिए
1. I should have died — (a) I will serve you as your most faithful servant 
2. If I live — (b) if you have not dressed my wounds. 
3. If you had not dressed his wounds — (c) your enemy attacked on you. 
4. If the man came upon the bodyguard — (d) he would have died without having made peace with you. 
5. If you had not pitied my weakness (e) he would recognise him and kill him.
6. If you would have gone away — (f) my work would be incomplete. 
7. If you want to give away something of lunch at home. — (g) I would have missed the your own to the lovely Sunday needy
8. If I went out of town — (h) the Ostrich will took off and run. 
9. If the danger is close by — (i) she would not discuss anything with you. 
10. If the dog lived longer — (j) it would be better to ask your elders first. 
11. If you insist on calling him a criminal — (k) they would call him by dear names.
1. (b) 
2. (a) 
3. (d) 
4. (e) 
5. (f) 
6. (c) 
7. (j) 
8. (g) 
9. (h) 
10. (k) 
11. (i) 

Exercise – 2.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets.
कोष्ठकों में दी गई क्रियाओं के सही रूप से खाली स्थानों को भरिए

1. If you grow a plant, it………….(help) you a lot. 
2. The book will give her knowledge if she ………… (read) it.
3. If you request me, I……….(consider) it. 
4. He will give good result if he …………. (teach) well. 
5. We ……….. (move) forward if we have scientific temper.
6. If she…………(go) to school regularly, she will learn a lot. 
7. If he …………. (mix) water in the milk,he will be punished by God. 
8. That boy will get failed if he ……….. (miss) classes. 
9. The hand-cart will move forward if she …………. (push) it. 
10. I shall allow you to go when your work …………. (get) completed.
1. will help 
2. reads 
3. shall consider 
4. teaches 
5. shall move 
6. goes 
7. mixes 
8. misses 
9. pushes 
10. gets.

Exercise – 3.

Rewrite each of sentences as a single using ‘If at the beginning of sentence. 

1. Walk carefully. You will reach safely. 
2. Drive your vehicle slowly. You will reach the station safely. 
3. Work hard. You will succeed. 
4. Practise regularly. You will learn any activity. 
5. Eat healthy food. You will have good health. 
6. Listen properly. You will understand any subject 
7. Obey your parents. You will be a good boy.
8. Speak sweetly. People will praise you. 
9. Don’t run fast. You will fall. 
10. Come to me. You will know everything. 
1. If you walk carefully, you will reach safely. 
2. If you drive your vehicle slowly, you will reach the station safely. 
3. If you work hard, you will succeed. 
4. If you practise regularly, you will learn 
5. If you eat healthy food, you will have good health.
6. If you listen properly, you will understand any subject.
7. If you obey your parents, you will be a good boy.
8. If you speak sweetly, people will praise you. 
9. If you run fast, you will fall. 
10. If you come to me, you will know everything.