9 Dialogue Writing

अर्थ (Meanings) 

Dialogue (डायलॉग) का अर्थ है किसी सामान्य विषय पर दो व्यक्तियों के मध्य बातचीत। ध्यान रहे, व्यक्ति दो ही होने चाहिए जिनके मध्य बातचीत हो। यदि दो से अधिक व्यक्ति हैं तो वह Dialogue नहीं है। |Dialogue लेखन में ध्यातव्य बातें | 

Dialogue – writing में निम्नलिखित बातों का ध्यान रखना चाहिए 
1. जिस बात पर डायलॉग लिखना है उसका विषय एवं स्थिति स्पष्ट होनी चाहिए। 
2. भाषा सरल एवं अनौपचारिक होनी चाहिए। 
3. अभिवादन का ध्यान रखें। 
4. विराम-चिह्नों का उपयुक्त प्रयोग अत्यन्त आवश्यक है। 
5. जहाँ आवश्यक हो, शब्दों के संक्षिप्त रूप का प्रयोग करना चाहिए, जैसे 
It is = It’s 
That is  = That’s 
did not = didn’t 
do not = don’t 
does not = doesn’t 
will not = won’t 
shall not = shan’t 
I have = I’ve 
इसी प्रकार cannot = can’t, has not = hasn’t, had not = hadn’t, have not = haven’t आदि। 

Type – I 

Question 1. 
Suppose you are Priyanshu. After passing Secondary Examination you want to get admission in a city school so you went to the principal for admission. Write a dialogue between you and the principal You may start your dialogue like this. 
Priyanshu : May I come in, Sir ? 
Principal : Yes, you may. 
Priyanshu : Good morning, Sir. 
Priyanshu : May I come in, Sir ? 
Principal : Yes, you may. 
Priyanshu : Good morning, Sir. 
Principal : (smilingly) Very good morning 
Priyanshu : Sir, can I get admission in XI Arts ? 
Principal : What is your percentage in X ? 
Priyanshu : 70% 
Principal : Yes, you can get admission. 
Priyanshu : Which optional subjects are here ? 
Principal : English Literature, Psychology and Philosophy.
Priyanshu : Please, give me an admission form. 
Principal : Fill it up and deposit the fee. 
Priyanshu : Thank you, Sir. 
Principal : You are welcome. 

Question 2.
Suppose you are Mahesh. You want to apply for a loan to buy a plot. Write an imaginary dialogue between you and the Bank Manager. You may start your dialogue like this: 
Mahesh : Good morning, Sir.
Bank Manager : Good morning, How can I help you ? 
Mahesh : ………………………
Mahesh’ : Good morning, Sir. 
Bank Manager : Good morning. How can I help you ?
Mahesh : I want to borrow loan. 
Bank Manager : House loan ? Study loan ? or any other type of loan ? 
Mahesh : Loan to buy a plot. 
Bank Manager : Are you a Govt. employee ? 
Mahesh : Yes, Sir. 
Bank Manager : Is the plot Govt. approved ? 
Mahesh : Yes, Sir. 
Bank Manager : What’s your net salary ? 
Mahesh : Thirty one thousand a month. 
Bank Manager : Loan of 15 lac may be given to you if you agree to follow the bank conditions. 
Mahesh : I’ll go through the bank conditions and then, I’ll meet you again. And thanks a lot. 
Bank Manager : You are welcome.  

Question 3.
Imagine you are Vikas and weak at English. You went to your English teacher for suggestions to improve English. You may start your dialogue like this : 
Vikas : Good morning, Sir. 
Teacher : Very good morning. How are you? 
Vikas : Good morning, Sir. 
Teacher : Very good morning. How are you ? 
Vikas : I’m fine. Thank you, Sir, but …….. 
Teacher : (Anxiously) But ………….., what ? 
Vikas : (Requesting) Sir, I’m weak at English. Please, suggest to improve it. 
Teacher : (Motivating) Your mind and grasping power are sharp. You need attentive drills and written practice. 
Vikas : Sir, what are attentive drills ? 
Teacher : (Explaining) Make thorough revision of the subject matter taught at school and then, attempt exercise till you get necessary skills. 
Vikas : Thank you very much, Sir. 
Teacher : You are welcome. 

Question 4.
Suppose you are Ravi. Your friend Avinash promised to accompany you to the cinema yesterday but owing to certain engagement he couldn’t do so. Write a short dialogue between you and your friend. You may begin like this : 
Ravi : Hello, Avinash ! What happened ? 
You were to come with me to the cinema yesterday. 
Avinash : Oh, I am sorry, Ravi. I couldn’t come. 
Ravi : ….. 
Ravi : Hello, Avinash ! What happened ? 
You were to come with me to the cinema yesterday. 
Avinash : Oh, I am sorry, Ravi. I couldn’t come. 
Ravi : [anxiously] What’s the reason ? Is all well ? 
Avinash : Yes, dear. All’s well. 
Ravi : Then, what’s the matter ? 
Avinash : (standing up] The family of my uncle came to my house after many years from Mumbai. Nobody, except me, was at home. 
Ravi : (clasps his hand) Are they still here or have gone ? 
Avinash : They have gone. 
Ravi : Then, next Sunday, matinee show, Rajmandir, final. 
Avinash : (smilingly] Yes, final. 
Ravi : Goodbye ! 
Avinash : Goodbye ! 

Question 5. 
Write a short dialogue between Kapil and a Salesman. Kapil wants to buy a second-hand motor-bike. You may begin like this : 
Salesman : Good morning, Sir ! 
Kapil : Good morning, I want a second-hand motor-bike, please. 
Salesman : ….. 
Salesman : Good morning, Sir ! 
Kapil : Good morning, I want a second-hand motor-bike, please. 
Salesman : Come, let me show you, Sir. This one is TVS-Victor 2010 
Kapil : Let me start (starts). It seems satisfactory. 
Salesman : Yes sir, it’s a good bargain. 
Kapil : How much will it cost ? 
Salesman : Here is a tag, 25000 only.
Kapil : It’s too much. I can pay 18000 only. 
Salesman : Sorry, sir, we can provide you two free services with the demanded money. Kapil That’s final. 
Salesman : Sir, pay the money at the cash counter. I prepare the papers. 
Kapil : O.K. Thank you. 
Salesman : Thank you, Sir. 

Question 6. 
You are Babita. Your friend Saroj has come to invite you to her birthday party which is going to take place on 15 March, 20XX. You are unable to attend the party owing to some important engagement. You may begin like this. 
Saroj : Good morning Babita ! 
Babita : Good morning, Saroj ! What 
Saroj : Good morning, Babita. 
Babita : Good morning, Saroj ! 
What brought you here? 
Saroj : You will be happy to know that my birthday falls on 15th March. 
Babita : Oh ! I’m very happy. Congratulations ! 
Saroj : Only congratulations will not do. I’m giving a party on the occasion. You will have to attend it. 
Babita : I’m very sorry. I may not be able to attend this party. 
Saroj : Why ? 
Babita : We all are going to Jaipur to attend the marriage of my uncle’s daughter. It is on 14th March. 
Saroj : Oh, luck! I would have been much happy if you had attended the party. 
Babita : I will remember you on 15th March.
Saroj : Bye, Bye. 
Babita : Bye.

Question 7. 
A patient who has been unwell for some time goes to his doctor. Write an imaginary dialogue which may take place between the patient and the doctor. You may begin like this : 
Patient : Good morning, doctor ! 
Doctor : Good morning ! What’s your trouble ? 
Patient : Good morning, doctor ! 
Doctor : Good morning ! What’s your trouble ?
Patient : I’ve been under fever for four days. 
Doctor : Anything else? 
Patient : I’ve a severe headache also. 
Doctor : You have malaria. Take these tablets three times a day. Come tomorrow and tell me the position. 
Patient : Yes, sir. 
Doctor : Take complete rest and take light food. 
Patient : Thank you very much, Doctor.
Doctor : Thanks. 

Question 8. 
Imagine your are Rajni. Your friend Divya visits you and asks you to go with her on a week long tour to some hill station during the summer vacation. You are busy preparing for some competitive examination. Write a dialogue between you and your friend showing your inability to accompany her. You may begin like this: 
Divya : Hello, Rajni ! How are you? 
Rajni : Fine. 
Divya : …… 
Divya : Hello, Rajni ! How are you? 
Rajni : Fine. 
Divya : Please come with me on a week long tour to Mount Abu during the summer vacation. 
Rajni’: Sorry, I can’t. I am busy preparing for R.A.S. examination. 
Divya : We shall return in a week. It won’t make much difference. 
Rajni : It would have been a pleasure for me to accompany you. But this is the question of my career. So I can’t go. 
Divya : Please think again. If it is possible, please do come.
Rajni : I can’t promise. 
Divya : O.K. Bye-bye. 
Rajni : Bye. 

Question 9.
A customer goes to the salesman of a Bata Shoes Shop for buying a pair of shoes. He shows a number of shoes but the colour of customer’s choice was not available. Write a dialogue between them. You may begin like this 
Salesman : Yes, sir ! What can I do for you ? 
Customer : I want a pair of shoes. 
Salesman : ………………………………………..
Salesman : Yes, sir ! What can I do for you? 
Customer : I want a pair of shoes. 
Salesman : Please have a look into the glass show-cases. 
Customer : I like this design but in brown colour. 
Salesman : What size do you take in shoes. 
Customer : I take size eight in shoes. 
Salesman : I’m sorry. Brown colour is out of stock at present. I expect it within a week. 
The Customer : Thank you. I’m sorry for the trouble. 
The Salesman : Never mind. Please visit again. 

Question 10.
Two friends Anil and Abdul Razzak, met at the railway station. – Anil informs him about his success in I.I.T. Examination. He has been called for counselling. Write a brief dialogue between them. You may begin like this 
Anil : Hello, Abdul ! How are you? 
Abdul : ………….. 
Anil: Hello, Abdul ! How are you? 
Abdul : Fine. Where are you going ? 
Anil : I passed I.I.T. Examination. I have been called for counselling at Jaipur. So I’m going there. 
Abdul : You are lucky. Your hard work and the grace of God helped you to get this success.
Anil : I also think so. 
Abdul : What branch would you like to take ? 
Anil : Computer or Mechanical. 
Abdul : There is a great demand for these branches. Do you expect to get it ? 
Anil : Yes, I got ninety percent marks in the exam. 
Abdul : That’s good. I congratulate you in advance… 
Anil : Thank you. Your good wishes are with me. 


Question 11. 
Manu/Manvi is late for school. Teacher stopped him/her from entering the classroom. Prepare a dialogue in 50 to 70 words exchanged between them with the help of the points given in the box. 
late — frequently late — discipline — mother seriously ill — Principal — one more chance 
Manu : May I come in Sir? 
Teacher : No, you can’t. You are late. 
Manu : Please excuse me this time. 
Teacher : But you are frequently late. It’s not good. 
Manu : I started very early from home. But due to traffic jams, I got late. 
Teacher : Whatever the reason is, it is against discipline. You have made it a habit. 
Manu : Sir, my mother is seriously ill. She is on bed. 
Teacher : I’m sad. Next time I’ll report to the principal. 
Manu : Please, give me one more chance today. I promise to be in time for the class. 
Teacher : All right. 

Question 12. 
You are Dinesh. You appeared for an interview for the post of a Physical Teacher in a school. Write a dialogue exchanged between you and the principal in 50 to 70 words with the help of the points given in the box. 
Qualifications — M.A. Physical Education 
Work Experience — Total 12 years, 6 years in boarding school 
Specialisation — Volleyball 
Achievements — National team member – 5 years. 
Dinesh : Good morning, Sir. I am Dinesh. 
Principal : Good morning, Mr. Dinesh. I think you are interested in joining the school as a P.T. Be seated. 
Dinesh : Thank you, Sir. 
Principal : It’s all right. What are your qualifications?
Dinesh : Sir, I have done M.A. in physical education. 
Principal : How much experience do you have? 
Dinesh : My total experience is 12 years. I worked in a boarding school for 6 years. 
Principal : What’s your specialisation? 
Dinesh : I specialise in volleyball. 
Principal : What are your personal achivements? 
Dinesh : I have been a member of the national team for 5 years. 
Principal : All right. We shall communicate the decision to you. 
Dinesh : Thank you, Sir. 
Principal : It’s O.K. 

Question 13. 
You are Vedika. Your friend Chetna is going to celebrate her birthday and decides to throw a party. She comes to you for advice. Write the dialogue between you and her in 50 to 70 words using hints given below. 
The place to organise it — kind of food to serve — the type of music to play — who to invite — time — approximate cost. 
Chetna : I am planning to celebrate my birthday this year. 
Vedika : That’s great ! It will be a lot of fun ! 
Chetna : I need your advice regarding the place to organise it. 
Vedika : I think Hotel Clarks Amer. 
Chetna : What kind of food for the guests? 
Vedika : I think three types of vegetarian dishes are sufficient. 
Chetna : What type of music should we play? 
Vedika : Both, Pop and Classic. 
Chetna : Who should be invited? 
Vedika : Only our close friends. 
Chetna : Which time is appropriate for it? 
Vedika : Evening time will suit everyone. 
Chetna : What will be approximate cost ? 
Vedika : I think ten thousand rupees will be enough. 
Chetna : Thank you, Vedika. 
Vedika : It’s O.K. Chetna. 

Question 14. 
Shivam applied for a job at a call centre. He appeared for the interview. Write the dialogue that he had with the interviewer with the help from the hints given below in 50 to 70 words. 
Reason for applying — can work at night — expected salary — no leaves reconsider — wait for your reply 
Shivam : Good morning, Sir. 
Interviewer : Good morning, Mr. Shivam, take the seat. Can you tell me something about yourself ? 
Shivam : I have just completed my graduation. 
Interviewer : I want to know the reason for applying for our call centre. 
Shivam : It’s a reputed Call Centre and I have a diploma in Call Centre Practice.
Interviewer : Can you work at night? 
Shivam : Of course ! I have no problem. 
Interviewer : What is your expectation about salary ? 
Shivam : It should be around 30,000/- a month.
Interviewer : You won’t be allowed for leaves except Sundays. 
Shivam : I agree.
Interviewer : When can you join ? 
Shivam : Could I get a day or two to reconsider ? 
Interviewer : That would be good. We shall wait for your reply.
Shivam : Thank you very much. 
Interviewer : You’re welcome. 

Question 15.
You are planning to go to Goa. Your friend has just returned from a trip there. Write a dialogue that you had with him/her in 50 to 70 words using hints given in the box.  
the trains going there — the best hotels to stay in — the places to visit — approximate expenditure. 
I : Can you please give me some information about the place ? 
Friend : Yes, of course! What do you want to know ? 
I : Which train goes to Goa? 
Friend : Nizamuddin-Goa Express. It starts 9.15 a.m. daily. 
I : Suggest me some good hotels. 
Friend : There is Vas Residency of Govt. of Goa Tourism Deptt. in Vasco Da Gama. I think this is good reasonable rates and good rooms. 
I : What are the places to be visited ? 
Friend : Beaches like Colva, Anjuna-Vagator are world famous. You can have pleasure trip for north and south Goa. I 
I : How much it costs ? 
Friend : Approximately about 15000/-. 
I : Thank you very much. 
Friend : It’s my pleasure. 

Question 16.
You are Yakshesh living in a village. Your parents started worrying about your marriage. You strongly protest it. Use the information given below to construct a suitable dialogue in 50 to 70 words. 
marriage — every daughter — mature — yet to complete education — illegal — not proper age for marriage — gainful employment. 
Yakshesh : What ! marriage and at this age ! 
Parents : Yes, every daughter has to marry. 
Yakshesh : No way! I am not physically and mentally ripe for marriage. 
Parents : No, you are mature enough for marriage. 
Yakshesh : I am yet to complete my education. 
Parents : You can complete after marriage. 
Yakshesh : Now it is illegal to marry a girl before she becomes an adult. 
Parents : Who cares ? 
Yakshesh : But mine is not proper age for marriage. 
Parents : We know better than you. 
Yakshesh : Please, let me get gainful employment first. 
Parents : Matter will be reconsidered. 
Yakshesh: Thank you very much. 

Question 17. 
Write a dialogue between Manish and the enquiry clerk in 50 to 70 words. Use the hints given in the box 
train for Mumbai – depart – as early as – too trains – reach – fare – which platform – reservation – thank.
Manish: Let me know the train for Mumbai. 
Clerk : At what time you want to depart ? 
Manish: I want to go there as early as possible.
Clerk : There are two trains available now. One is express mail and the  other is passenger. 
Manish : At what time, these will reach Mumbai ? 
Clerk : The express mail will reach at 6 p.m. and passenger at 11 p.m. tomorrow. 
Manish : What’s the fare ? 
Clerk : ₹800/- and ₹ 500/ 
Manish: On which platform may I find mail ? 
Clerk : On platform no. 2. 
Manish: Is reservation possible ? 
Clerk : No. 
Manish: Thank you.
Clerk : O.K.