Chapter 6 Expert Detectives

Textbook Questions and Answers

Working with the Text 

Question  1. 
What does Nishad find out about Mr. Nath from Ramesh? 
निषाद ने श्रीमान नाथ के बारे में रमेश से क्या खोजा है?
Arrange the information as suggested below. 
• What he eats 
• When he eats 
• What he drinks, and when
• How he pays 
निम्न प्रकार से सूचना को व्यवस्थित कीजिए। 
• वह क्या खाता है 
• वह कब खाता है 
• वह क्या पीता है और कब 
• वह पैसे किस तरह से भुगतान करता है 
Ramesh tells Nishad that Mr. Nath always has the same food two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable. He eats twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. He also takes two cups of tea daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. He pays cash for all this and he also pays tips to Ramesh. 

रमेश निषाद से कहता है कि श्रीमान नाथ हमेशा वही दो चपातियां, कुछ दाल और एक सब्जी खाते हैं । वह दिन में दो बार खाता है, एक बार सुबह और एक बार शाम को। वह रोज दो कप चाय पीता है, एक सुबह और एक दोपहर बाद में। वह इन सबके लिए नकद पैसे देते हैं और रमेश को बख्शीश भी देते हैं। 

Question 2.
Why does Maya think Mr. Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is? 
माया यह क्यों सोचती है कि निषाद बदमाश है? वह रविवार के दिन मिलने वाले को कौन बताती है? 
Maya thinks of Mr. Nath to be a crook because of his unfriendly behaviour. He does not talk to others. He has scars on his face that may be due to police shots. He always had a visitor on Sundays. She thinks that he might be an accomplice in his crime. 

माया श्रीमान नाथ को उसके अमित्रतापूर्ण व्यवहार के कारण बदमाश मानती है। वह दूसरों से बात नहीं करता है। उसके चेहरे पर दाग है शायद वे पुलिस के गोली चलाने के कारण हो सकते हैं। उससे हमेशा रविवार को एक मिलने वाला आदमी आता था। वह सोचती है कि वह अपराध में उसका साथी रहा था। 

Question 3. 
Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr. Nath? How does he feel about him? 
क्या श्रीमान् नाथ के बारे में निषाद, माया से सहमत हैं? वह उनके बारे में क्या महसूस करता है?
No, Nishad does not agree with May about Mr. Nath. He feels that Mr. Nath is a poor, lonely man. He wants to be his friend and help him. He also takes him generous because he tips Ramesh well. 

नहीं, निषाद श्रीमान् नाथ के बारे में माया से सहमत नहीं है। वह श्रीमान् नाथ को एक अकेला, बेचारा आदमी मानता है। वह उसका दोस्त बनना और उसकी सहायता करना चाहता है। वह उसे उदार भी मानता है क्योंकि वह रमेश को अच्छी बख्शीश देता है।

Seen Passages

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions below.

Passage – 1.
“But Maya, Mr. Mehta told us he doesn’t work anywhere, so how can he possibly have money to pay for food?” Nishad said. “Exactly!” I exclaimed. “He must have lots of money hidden somewhere, maybe in that trunk in his room. It’s probably full of silver and gold and jewels and…” “What rubbish.” Nishad interrupted. “I know I’m right, stupid.” I told him. “By the way, Seven, did you see his scars? I couldn’t, it was too dark, but I bet he got them during a shoot out with the police or something.” “Mummy told us quite clearly they were burn scars,” Nishad said firmly. 

Questions : 
1. What did Mr. Mehta tell them? 
2. What is the guess of Maya about money of Mr. Nath? 
3. What was there on the face? 
4. What did mummy tell them about scars? 
5. On what was she ready to bet? 
6. Write the Hindi meaning of the word, “interrupted”.
7. गद्यांश में से वह वाक्य ढूंढ़िए जिसका अर्थ है, “क्या आपने उसकें दाग देखे थे?”.
Answers : 
1. Mr. Mehta told them that he did not work anywhere.
2. Maya guesses that Mr. Nath must have lots of money hidden somewhere. 
3. He had scars on the face. 
4. Mummy told them that the scars were burn scars. 
5. She was ready to bet that he got the scars during a shoot out with the police or something. 
6. an RT 7. Did you see his scars?

Passage – 2.

On the Monday following Mamma’s birthday, Seven went alone with her to the clinic at Girgaum as I was spending the evening with a schoolfriend. When they returned, Nishad told me he’d been to see Mr. Nath and I felt most annoyed that I hadn’t been there. Seven had been quite upset about Mr. Nath’s gaunt appearance and was sure that he was starving. He told me that he had knocked loudly on Mr. Nath’s door that evening and said, “Open the door quickly, Mr. Nath.” The man had opened it and asked him, “Lost another marble?” 

Questions : 

1. Where was Seven’s Mamma’s clinic? 
2. What was the occassion on Monday? 
3. What made Seven upset? 
4. When did he knock at Mr. Nath’s door? 
5. With whom did she spend the evening? 
6. Write the Hindi meaning of the word, “annoyed”.
7. Write the opposites of the following
(i) unsure 
(ii) enemy 
Answers : 
1. Seven’s Mamma’s clinic was at Girgaum. 
2. It was Mamma’s birthday on Monday. 
3. Mr. Nath’s gaunt appearance made Seven upset? 
4. He knocked at Mr. Nath’s door that evening. 
5. She spent his evening with a schoolfriend. 
6. नाराज
(i) sure 
(ii) friend.

Passage – 3.

He had obviously recognised my brother. “No,” said Nishad. He had taken the man’s hand in his own, and thrust a bar of chocolate into it. “Did you get a chance to peek into the trunk, Seven?” I asked. Nishad looked disappointed. “He didn’t even ask me in,” he said.

Then he smiled. “But I did find out something, Maya. I went down to the restaurant where Ramesh works and talked to him.” “Good for you, Mr. Detective,” I said, patting him on the back, “I hope you questioned him properly.” Seven looked pleased. 

Questions : 
1. What did he give him all of a sudden? 
2. What made Nishad disappointed? 
3. To whom did Nishad talk? 
4. What did she hope? 
5. What did she call Nishad? 
6. Write the Hindi meaning of the word, “peek”. 
7. गद्यांश में वह वाक्य ढूँढ़िये जिसका अर्थ है – “उसने स्पष्टतः मेरे भाई को पहचान लिया था।”
Answers : 
1. He gave him a bar of chocolate all of a sudden. 
2. When the man didn’t ask him to come inside Nishad disappointed. 
3. Nishad talked to Ramesh who worked in a restaurant. 
4. She hoped that he questioned him properly. 
5. She called Nishad detective. 
6. Fish CERT 
7. He had obviously recognized my brother.

Passage – 4.

He looked up questioningly. “I’ve listed all the facts we know about Mr. Nath which might help us to trap him,” I said. “Want to hear?” Seven nodded. “Fact Number 1,” I read, “his name is Mr. Nath. We must discover his first name.” “Do you think that’s his real name, Maya?” Nishad asked. “Probably not,” I said. “Most crooks have an alias.” I added a big question mark after Nath. “Fact Number 2,” I read on, “the tenants at Shankar House say he’s mad, strange and unfriendly. “Number 3, he doesn’t talk to anyone and is mannerless.” 

Questions : 
1. What did the speaker want to tell? 
2. What is yet to discover about the name? 
3. What do the tenants of Shankar House say? 
4. What information is given at number three? 
5. What do most crooks have? 
6. Write the Hindi meaning of the word , “questioningly”. 
7. Write the antonyms of the following words from passage-
(i) unreal 
(ii) friendly. 
Answers : 
1. The speaker wanted to tell the facts those were listed. 
2. The first name is yet to discover. 
3. The tenants of Shankar House say that Mr. Nath is mad, strange and unfriendly. 
4. At number three it is expressed that he doesn’t talk to anyone and is mannerless. 
5. Most crooks have an alias. 
6. प्रश्नवाचक
7. (i) real 
(ii) unfriendly.

Comprehension Check 


Question 1. 
What did Nishad give Mr. Nath? Why? 
निषाद ने श्रीमान नाथ को क्या दिया था? क्यों? 
Nishad gave Mr. Nath a bar of chocolate: Mr. Nath’s lean and thin appearance made Nishad think that he was starving.
निषाद ने श्रीमान नाथ को चाकलेट की टिक्की दी थी। श्रीमान् नाथ के दुबले-पतले दिखाई देने के कारण ने निषाद को यह सोचने पर मजबूर कर दिया कि वह भूखा मर रहा था। 

Question 2. 
What is “strange” about Mr. Nath’s Sundays? 
श्रीमान नाथ के रविवार के दिनों के बारे में क्या अद्भुत था? 
Ramesh carried two meals on Sundays. Mr. Nath had a visitor who ate with Mr. Nath. 

रमेश रविवार के दिनों में दो भोजन की थाली लेकर जाता था। श्रीमान नाथ से एक मिलने वाला आता था जो उनके साथ भोजन करता था। 

Question 3. 
Why did Nishad and Maya get a| holiday? 
निषाद और माया को छुट्टी क्यों मिली थी?
There was a heavy rainfall that flooded the roads. This made the traffic difficult to move. Thus, Nishad and Maya got a holiday.

वहाँ अत्यधिक तेज बारिश के कारण सड़कों पर पानी भर ‘गया था। इससे यातायात नहीं चला और माया व निषाद को छुट्टी मिली थी।