Nouns 8

Definition. Noun is the name given to a thing, person, object (animate or inani¬mate) or feeling : e.g.,
Ram, man, dog, book, tree, light, love etc.
Kinds of Noun :
Noun can be of two kinds :
A. Countable nouns like book, man etc.
B. Uncountable nouns like light, bread etc.
(a) An uncountable noun is sometimes used as countable noun.
Three teas, please.
Here ‘three teas’ means three cups of tea.
There were dozens of ice-creams.
It means there were dozens of kinds of ice-cream.
Compare :
She has curly hair.
There is a hair in my soup.

(b) Some nouns have different meanings when they are used countably and when used uncountably.
Glass is fragile.
Give me a glass of water.
This is a three-room-house.
There is no room for dishonesty in this company.

(c) Collective nouns such as a group, a crowd, a herd, a team etc are singular. However, if we think of the members individually, a plural verb may be used. Compare :
A flock of sheep was grazing.
A flock of sheep were straying all over the road causing confusion in the traffic.
In the first sentence the speaker is thinking of the sheep as a group.
In the second sentence, he has different sheep—some straying in one direction and some in the other. So we use a plural verb there.

(d) Some nouns have a plural form but are always treated as singular.
What is the latest news ?

Exercise 1

Fill in the blanks using the proper forms of the nouns i.e., singular or plural. The noun for each sentence is given in a bracket at its end.
1. All the ……… has been consumed. (sugar)
2. The ………….. is expected to arrive today, (team)
3. Good ………… is expensive. (cutlery)
4. A lot of ………. was drunk. (milk)
5. The ………. has now been spent. (money)
1. sugar
2. team
3. cutlery
4. milk
5. money

Exercise 2

Choose the correct forms of the nouns given in the brackets.
1. A large ………. is expected. (crowd/crowds)
2. This pair of ………. is good. (shoe/shoes)
3. These ……… were found there, (glove/gloves)
4. Many ……….. have visited us. (people/peoples)
5. Most ………. are well-built. (house/houses)
8. The ……….. need sharpening, (scissor/scissors)
1. crowd
2. shoes
3. gloves
4. people
5. houses
6. scissors

Exercise 3

Rearrange the following words / phrases so as to make meaningful sentences.
1. all / have been eaten / mangoes / the
2. school / rooms / our / forty / has
3. cricket ball / leather / a / made of / is
4. Italy / a young boy / to / art / study / went to
5. the boy / did / was / everything / very clever
6. that boy / in Florence / grew up / to be / painter / the greatest
1. All the mangoes have been eaten.
2. Our school has forty rooms.
3. A cricket ball is made of leather.
4. A young boy went to Italy to study art.
5. Everything the boy did was veiy clever.
6. That boy grew up to be the greatest painter in Florence.

Exercise 4

The following passage has not been edited. There is a mistake in each line. Write the incorrect word as well as the correction in your answer sheet :
CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Nouns Exercise 4
(a) men — man
(b) peoples — people
(c) churches — church
(d) plants — plant
(e) everythings — everything
(f) drawing — drawings

Exercise 5

Complete the sentences given below taking one word each to fill in a gap from the given box.

people, mother, mothers, news, shoes, physics

1. John gave a present to his……..
2. Children must respect their ……
3. ………. is good.
4. ……… are good.
5. His ……… are weak.
6. His ………. is weak.
1. mother
2. mothers
3. News
4. People
5. shoes
6. physics

Exercise 6

Correct the following sentences:
1. Where is your luggage ?
2. What a beautiful scenery !
3. Can you give me a piece of advice ?
4. have an important piece of work to do.
5. He has eaten two pieces of bread.
6. What awful weather !
1. Where is your luggage ?
2. What a beautiful scenery !
3. Can you give me a piece of advice ?
4.1 have an important piece of work to do.
5. He has eaten two pieces of bread.
6. What awful weather !

Exercise 7
(For Practice)

Fill in the blanks choosing either of the words given in the brackets after each sentence :
1. A group of ……… was standing there.(people/peoples)
2. The ……… is to be delivered.(furniture/furnitures)
3. The …….. belong to me. (scissor/scissors)
4. The ………. were grazing. (cattle/cattles)
5. ………. swim in water. (Fish/Fishes)
6. He gave me much ………. (advice/advices)

Exercise 8
(For Practice)

Correct the following sentences :
1. A flock of sheep were grazing in the field.
2. His trouser were tom.
3. A pair of shoe was standing there.
4. A lot of works have still to be done.
5. There are plenty of rooms on the back row.
6. What are the latest news ?

Multiple Choice Questions
Exercise 1

Choose the correct word from the brackets to complete the sentences :
1. She has blonde ………. (hair/hairs/a hair/many hairs).
2. The statue is made of ……….. (stone/a stone/stones/few stones).
3. A large ……….. (crowd/crowds/people/peoples) is expected there.
4. This pair of …………. (shoe/shoes/boot/leatger) is good.
5. Most ……… (house/building/houses/mansion) are made of brick.
1. hair
2. stone
3. crowd
4. shoes
5. houses

Exercise 2

The underlined words in each sentence have been wrongly used. One of the words in the brackets is the correct option. Choose that word :
Question 1.
Where had vour luggage ?
(a) are
(b) were
(c) is
(d) has

Question 2.
There has a flock of sheep.
(a) is
(b) are
(c) were
(d) had

Question 3.
No news seem good news,
(a) are
(b) were
(c) is
(d) has

Question 4.
There has plenty of mangoes in the house.
(a) is
(b) are
(c) was
(d) had

Question 5.
Common people election the government.
(a) elect
(b) elects
(c) electioned
(d) elections

1. (c) is
2. (a) is
3. (c) is
4. (b) are
5. (a) elect