Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita Wonk

Book Questions and Answers

Comprehension check

Question 1.
Choose the right answer.
(i) Mr. Willy Wonka is ……………….
(a) a cook
(b) an inventor
(c) a manager.
(b) an inventor

(ii) Wonka-Vite makes people …………
(a) older
(b) younger.
(a) older

(iii) Mr.Wonka wants to invent a new thing which will make people
(a) younger,
(b) older.
(b) older.

Question 2.
Can anyone’s age be a minus number ? What does “minus 87” mean?
I don’t think it is possible that one’s age can be a minus number. Minus 87 means that he has to wait for 87 years to come back. It is possible in fiction only.

Question 3.
Mr. Wonka begins by asking himself two questions. What are they ?
(i) What is
(ii) What lives
(i) What is the oldest living thing in the world ?
(ii) What lives longer than anything else ?

Working with the text (Page 102):

Question 1.
What trees does Mr. Wonka mention ?
(i) Which tree does he say lives the longest ?
(ii) How long does this tree live ? Where can you find it?
(i) Mr. Wonks mentions Douglas Fir, oak and the Bristlecone pine trees. According to him, the Bristlecone pine tree lives the longest.
(ii) The Bristlecone pine tree lives for over 4000 years. This tree is found on the slopes of Wheeler Peak in Nevada, U.S.A.

Question 2.
How many of the oldest living things can you remember from Mr. Wonka’s list ? (Don’t look back at the story !) Do you think all these things really exist, or are some of them purely imaginary?
Mr. Wonka makes a long list of the oldest living things. It is difficult to remember all these things. However some of them which I can remember are : a pint of sap from a 4000-year-old Bristlecone Pine, An egg laid by a 200-year-old Tortoise, the tail of a 51year-old horse in Arabia, the tail of a 207-year-old giant rat from Tibet, and the knucklebones of a 700-year-old Cattaloo from Peru. I don’t think all these things may be real. Some of them seem just to be imaginary.

Question 3.
Why does Mr. Wonka collect items from the oldest things? Do you think this is the right way to begin his invention?
In his invention Mr. Wonka wants the things to grow old. That is why he collects items from the oldest living things. I think this is the right way to begin his invention. And it gave him positive results also.

Question 4.
What happens to the volunteer who swallows four drops of the new invention ? What is the name of the invention?
After swallowing the drops, the volunteer begins to wrinkle and shrivel up all over. His hair starts dropping. He suddenly becomes an old fellow of seventy-five. The name of this invention is Vita-Wonk.

Working with language (Page 103)

Question 1.
What do you call these insects in your language? (See pic in Textbook, Page-103) Add to this list the names of some insects common in your area.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita Wonk 1

Question 2.
Fill in the blanks in the recipe given below with words from the box.” shred cooker times tomatoes half onion oil
Easy Palak-Dal

Wash and cut the vegetables; ……………….. the palak. Put everything in a pressure………. Let the cooker whistle three …………. …………., then switch it off. Fry a few cumin seeds in ……………….. and add to the palak-dal.

Wash and cut the vegetables; shred the palak. Put everything in a pressure cooker. Let the cooker whistle three times then switch it off. Fry a few. cumin-seeds in oil and add to the palak-dal.

Question 3.
A’family tree’ is a diagram that shows the relationship between the different members of a family. Fill in the family tree below with names, ages, and other details you think are relevant (you may even stick photographs, if you have them). Put your family trees up in the class.
See diagram in TB-104
This is for your self- attempt. It is a class-room activity. Firstly, you fill the family tree with names, ages and other details of your family-members. You may also stick the photographs of your family-members if you like. Then put the family-tree, duly filled,in the class.

Speaking (Page – 105).

Using Do for Emphasis
Charlie asks, “What did happen ?” This is a way of asking the question “What happened”?” with emphasis.
Given below are a few emphatic utterances. Say them to your partner. Let your partner repeat your utterance without the emphasis. Your partner may also add something to show she/he disagrees with you.

You : I did study.
PARTNER : You studied ? I don’t believe you. Look at your marks!
You : I did go there.
PARTNER : You went there? Then…
You : I do play games.
PARTNER ………………….
You: He does read his books.
PARTNER ………………….
You : You do say the most unbelievable things!
PARTNER …………………
You: The earth does spin around.
PARTNER ………………….
You : We all do want you to come with us.
PARTNER …………………..
You : Who does know how to cook ?
PARTNER …………………….
You : I do believe that man is a thief.
PARTNER :…………..
PARTNER You : I did go there.
PARTNER : You went there? Then you watched others playing. I know you can’t play
yourself: I do play games.
PARTNER : Games and you ? I don’t believe it. Everybody knows you read books only and Raman play games only.
You : He does read his books.
PARTNER : You cannot play games and Nikhil can’t get through.
You : You do say the most unbelievable things!
PARTNER : But anything can happen.
You : The earth does spin around.
PARTNER : I can prove it myself if you co-operate.
You : We all do want you to come with us.
PARTNER . : I am an expert cook. I can teach you how to cook.
You : Who does know how to cook?
PARTNER : What happened to your bicycle ? Who do you think has stolen it ?
You : I do believe that man is a thief.
PARTNER : I agree with you.

Writing (Page 106)

Question 1.
(i) Make a list of the trees Mr. Wonka mentions. Where do these trees grow? Try to find out from an encyclopaedia. Write a short paragraph about two or three of these trees.
(ii) Name some large trees commonly found in your area. Find out something about them (How old are they? Who planted them ? Do birds eat their fruit?), and write two or three sentences about each one of them.
For self-attempt. You can consult an encyclopaedia in your school library. You may also seek help of your botany teacher in this respect.

Question 2.
Find out something interesting about age, or growing old, and write a paragraph about it. Following are a few topics, suggested as examples.
The age profile of a country’s population–does it have more young people than old people, or vice versa? What are the consequences of this?

Age profile of a country depends on whether majority of its people are young or old. The country’s efficiency and development depends on whether it has more and more young people. If majority of the population consists of elderly people, then more age old security schemes, pension benefits and medical facilities are requested. Because of modern advanced medical facilities, the life expectancy of a person has increased. That is why we find greater percentage of older people now comparatively. So number of non-working people increases.

• The scientists are aware that all such things as trees, horses and rocks etc. are made up of carbon. By using technique of radio-carbon isotope dating, we can find out how old a particular specimen is.

Life expectancy of various living things depends on the species to which these belong. A few creatures have very little life expectancy. It can of a few hours or days. Certain animals or things have a much longer life expectancy. The average life expectancy of human beings is 60–70 years.”


This lesson is about an invention made by Mr. Willy Wonka. Initially Wonka made an invention to make people younger. But now he wants to invent a new thing. He wants to make people older. He collects something or the other from the oldest living things and hailed them together. The liquid produced is black. He tries it on a volunteer. After swallowing it, he becomes an old fellow of seventy-five.

Word notes Pages 99-100.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita Wonk 2

Complete hindi translation

Who are…….. …………hurry ?(Page 99)

सबसे बूढ़े व्यक्ति जिन्हें आप जानते हैं वे कौन हैं? सबसे पुरानी चीजें जो तुम्हारे पास हैं वे कौन सी हैं

Mr. Willy Wonka….. …………thing.(Page 99)

श्रीमान विली वोन्का वोन्का-वाइट की खोज से आरंभ करता है, जिससे लोग उम्र में छोटे हो जाते हैं। पर वोन्का-वाइट बहुत शक्तिशाली है। इसीलिए कुछ लोग गायब हो जाते हैं, क्योंकि उनकी उम्र ऋणात्मक हो जाती है। वास्तव में एक आदमी की आयु ऋणात्मक सतासी बन जाती है, इसका मतलब है कि उसको वापस आने के लिए सतासी वर्ष प्रतीक्षा करनी पड़ेगी। श्रीमार विली वोन्का को एक नई खोज अवश्य करनी है………।


2. Mr. Wonka .. ………………else ? (Page 99)

श्रीमान वोन्का कहते हैं, “इसीलिए दुबारा से मैंने अपनी बाँहें चढ़ाईं और काम शुरू किया। एक बार फिर मैंने दिमाग पर जोर लगाया, नई विधि सोची….मुझे आयु की रचना करनी थी……. लोगों को बूढ़ा बनाना था………बूढ़ा, और बूढ़ा, सब से बूढ़ा…… “हा! हा!” मैं चिल्लाया, क्योंकि अब विचार उत्पन्न होने शुरू हो रहे थे। “इस दुनिया में पाई जाने वाली सबसे पुरानी चीज क्या है? कौन-सी चीज दूसरी किसी भी चीज से अधिक जीवित रहती है ?”

3. “A tree….. .old! (Page 100)

“एक पेड़,” चार्ली ने कहा।
“चार्ली, तुम ठीक हो! पर किस प्रकार का पेड़ ? ‘डगलस फर’ नहीं। देवदार नहीं। बलूत का पेड़ नहीं। नहीं, मेरे बच्चे। यह है ब्रिस्टलकोन पाइन (एक प्रकार का चीड़ का पेड़) जो नवेदा, अमरीका में व्हीलर चोटी की ढलानों पर पाए जाते हैं, आज जो 4000 वर्ष पुराने हैं!”

4. This is fact,…. ………….things (Page 100)

यह सच है, चार्ली। किसी भी घटनाओं को क्रम के अनुसार लिखने वाले से पूछो (और उस शब्द ‘डेन्ड्रोक्रोनोलोजिस्ट’ का अर्थ घर जाकर शब्दकोश में ढूढ़ो, क्या तुम ऐसा करोगे?) इसलिए मैं इससे शुरू हो गया। मैं ‘ग्रेट ग्लास ऐलिवेटर (बहुत बड़े काँच की लिफ्ट) में कूदा और सारी दुनिया से तेजी से प्राचीन जिंदा चीजों की सूचना इकट्ठी करने लगा।

A pint…… ………….Arabia (Page 100)

The whiskers……. …….Peru. (Page 100)


5. “All over…. …..sleeping. (Page 101)
“सारी दुनिया में, चार्ली,” श्रीमान वोन्का बोलते रहे, “मैंने हर तरह से बूढ़े और प्राचीन समय में पाये जाने वाले जानवरों की तहकीकात की और हर जानवर की कोई न कोई महत्त्वपूर्ण चीज इकट्ठी कर ली……एक बाल या एक भौंह या एक या दो औंस (ounce) जैम जो पैरों की अंगुली के बीच से सोए हुए कुरेदा गया हो।”

6. I tracked …… Charlie. (Page 101)

मैंने विसल-सुअर, बोबोलिंक, सक्रोक, पोली मेंढक, बड़ा कुरलीक्यू बदबूदार सलग और ज़हरीले स्कवीरकल जो पचास कदम की दूरी से सीधे तुम्हारी आँखों में ज़हर उगल सकता है, उनका पीछा किया। पर अब, चार्ली, तुम्हें इन सब के बारे में बताने का समय नहीं है। .

7. Let me………. …………….ashed. (Pages 101-102)

मुझे बस जल्दी में बताने दो कि आखिर में, बहुत अधिक उबालने और बुलबुले बनाने के बाद और मिलाने और परीक्षण के पश्चात् अपने आविष्कार के कमरे में, मैंने एक छोटे कप के बराबर काले रंग का तरल पदार्थ बनाया और उसकी चार बूंदें मैंने बीस वर्षीय बहादुर स्वयंसेवक ऊम्पा-लूम्पा को पीने को दी ताकि उसका नतीजा देखा जाए। “क्या हुआ?” चार्ली ने पूछा।

8. It was. ..invented. (Page 102)

“यह अद्भुत था!” श्रीमान वोन्का चिल्ला कर बोले। “जिस पल उसने इसे निगला, उसके झुर्रियाँ पड़ने लगी और वह हर तरफ से सिकुड़ने लगा और उसके बाल झड़ने लगे और उसके दाँत गिरने लगे और, इसके पहले कि मुझे पता चलता, वह अचानक 75 वर्ष के बूढ़े व्यक्ति में बदल गया! और इस तरह से, मेरे प्यारे चार्ली वाइटा-वोन्क का आविष्कार हुआ।