Poem 9 Garden Snake

Text Book Questions and Answers

Working with the poem (Page – 137)

Question 1.
Answer the following questions :
(i) Pick out the line that suggests that the child is afraid of snakes.
(ii) Which line shows a complete change of the child’s attitude towards snakes?
Read it aloud.
(iii) But mother says that kind is good…….” What is mother referring to?
(i) ‘Some snakes are dangerous, they say’
(ii) ‘It’s just a harmless garden snake!’
(iii) Mother is referring to the snake that was seen by the child.

Question 2.
Find the word that refers to the snake’s movements in the grass. ….
The word is ‘wiggles’.

Question 3.
There are four pairs of rhyming words in the poem. Say them aloud.
Away-say; Good-food; Grass-pass; Mistake-snake.

Question 4.
A snake has no legs or feet, but it moves very fast. Can you guess how? Discuss in the group.
The snake wiggles on its body with the help of scales.

Question 5.
Can you’recall the word used for a cobra’s long sharp teeth ? Where did you come across this word first ?
The word ‘fang’ is used for cobra’s long, sharp teeth. I read this word in a story when I was in sixth class.


The poet feels that snakes are dangerous creatures. So, he ran away on seeing the snake. But on the basis of mother’s observation he concludes that “that kind is good.” Watching from a distance, he feels that it was just a harmless garden snake.

Word notes

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem 9 Garden Snake 1

Complete hindi translation

Have you………. ………….snake. (Page 137)

क्या आपने किसी नेवले से साँप को लड़ते हुए या बिल में जाते हुए या नदी में तैरते हुए देखा है? अधिकतर हर व्यक्ति यह विश्वास करता है कि साँप खतरनाक होते हैं। कुछ होते हैं, कुछ नहीं होते। एक हानिरहित बगीचे के साँप पर लिखी यह कविता पढ़ो।

1. I saw…… ……………. his food. (Page 137)

मैंने साँप देखा और दौड़ा…… कुछ साँप खतरनाक होते हैं, वे कहते हैं; पर माँ कहती है उस किस्म के अच्छे होते हैं, और भोजन के लिए कीड़े-मकीड़े खाते हैं।

2. So when. ….snake! (Page 137)
इसलिए जब वह घास में टेढ़ा-मेढ़ा रेंगता है मैं एक तरफ खड़ा होऊँगा और उसे गुजरते हुए देखूगा और स्वयं को बताऊँगा, “इसमें कोई गलती नहीं है, यह एक हानिरहित बगीचे का साँप है।”