11 Grammar Framing Questions

1. Helping Verb (सहायक क्रिया) से आरम्भ होने वाले प्रश्न बनाने का तरीका : 

1. यदि उत्तर Yes या No से आरम्भ हो तो प्रश्न Helping  Verb से ही आरम्भ होगा व Yes व No हट जायेंगे। 

2. उत्तर जिस tense में है, प्रश्न में भी उस ही tense में प्रयोग की जाने वाली Helping Verb/s में से किसी एक का प्रयोग किया जाता है। 

3. यदि उत्तर का Subject (कर्ता), singular है तो आप भी प्रश्न में singular helping verb का प्रयोग करें और यदि subject, plural है तो plural helping verb का प्रयोग करें। 

4. यदि उत्तर में pronoun (सर्वनाम), I, We हो तो प्रश्न में You कर दें, my/our को your कर दें, me/ us को you कर दें। इस ही प्रकार sense के अनुसार अन्य pronouns बदलें।

(i) Answer: Yes, I live in Jaipur.(Simple Present Tense)

Q. Do you live in Jaipur? (”  ”  “) 
2. ‘Wh’ word से प्रारम्भ होने वाले प्रश्न बनाने का तरीका: Wh’ word + Helping Verb + Subject + Verb +/ Ob.+/C+/A?. 
1. सबसे पहले ‘Wh’ word को लिखें। यह उत्तर की | sense के आधार पर प्रयोग करना है।
2. जिस tense में उत्तर है उस ही tense की सहायक | क्रिया (Helping Verb) का प्रयोग करना है।
3. उत्तर में दिये गए subject को ही प्रश्न में नियमानुसार | प्रयोग करना है। 
4. जिस tense में उत्तर की क्रिया (Verb) है उस ही
tense में प्रश्न की क्रिया (Verb) रखनी है। 15. उत्तर की उस सूचना को प्रश्न में शामिल न करें जो | ‘Wh’ word का उत्तर बनती है। 

(i) Answer: Ramesh went there.
Q. Who went there? 

(ii) Answer: This is Hari’s book. 
Q. Whose book is this?

Practice Exercise 1.

(Based on the Textbook) Select the correct question of the sentence. वाक्य के सही प्रश्न का चयन कीजिए। 

Question 1. 
Yes, he thought the marzipan was the best.
(a) Did he think the marzipan was the best? 
(b) Was he thought the marzipan was the best? 
(c) Were he thought the marzipan was the best? 
(d) Has he think the marzipan was the best? 
(a) Did he think the marzipan was the best? 

Question 2. 
He saluted and walked away.
(a) What did he do? 
(b) Why did he done? 
(c) Whom did he do?
(d) Where did he do? 
(a) What did he do? 

Question 3. 
We heard them singing a carol.
(a) What did we hear? 
(b) When did we hear? 
(c) Where did we hear?
(d) Which of did they doing? 
(a) What did we hear? 

Question 4. 
She used candles rather than electricity?
(a) What did she prefer to use? 
(b) Who did she use? 
(c) When did she see? 
(d) Whom did she like?
(a) What did she prefer to use? 

Question 5. 
I opened the tin box.
(a) What did she open? 
(b) What did I open? 
(c) Where did he open?
(d) When did I open? 
(b) What did I open? 

Question 6.
The matron had hat on.
(a) What did she had? 
(b) What did the matron have? 
(c) Where did she live?
(d) When did she had? 
(b) What did the matron have? 

Question 7. 
Yes, the man was still looking at him.
(a) Did the man looking at him? 
(b) Was the man still looking at him? 
(c) Are the man still looking at him?
(d) Had the man still looking at him? 
(b) Was the man still looking at him? 

Question 8. 
Dr. Chanda shook his head.
(a) When did Dr. Chanda shake?
(b) What did Dr. Chanda do? 
(c) Who did Dr. Chanda do? 
(d) When did Dr. Chand do?
(b) What did Dr. Chanda do? 

Practice Exercise 2.

Frame questions to get the following answers : 
1. Yes, my father is a doctor. 
2. No, he can not do it. 
3. Yes, I shall go there, 
4. Yes, she returned home yesterday 
5. They are studying English.
6. I worked hard to pass this class. 
7. She got 80 marks in English. 
8. I had gone to market.
9. The train came at 9.30. 
10. This is my book.
1. Is your father a doctor? 
2. Can he do it? 
3. Will you go there? 
4. Did she return home yesterday? 
5. What are they studying? 
6. Why did you work hard?
7. How many marks did she get in English? 
8. Where had you gone? 
9. When did the train come? 
10. Whose book is this? 

Practice Exercise 3.

Make questions using ‘Why’, ‘How’, ‘How many’ or ‘How much’ with the help of answers given below: 

1. He is going to Agra for a picnic. 
2. Sixty persons were arrested. 
3. I have two brothers. 
4. I learnt swimming by practising.
5. I am standing because my friend is coming. 
6. I have bought five tickets.
7. Radhika felt bad when she was not invited 
8. I go to school to play football 
9. The teacher punished me because I was making a noise in the class. 
10. We eat to live. 
11. He is crying loudly. 
12. She looks very beautiful in this saree.
1. Why is he going to Agra ? 
2. How many persons were arrested ? 
3. How many brothers do you have? 
4. How did you learn swimming ? 
5. Why are you standing ? 
6. How many tickets have you bought ? 
7. How did Radhika feel when she was not invited ? 
8. Why do you go to school? 
9. Why did the teacher punish you? 
10. Why do you eat? 
11. How is he crying ? 
12. How does she look in this saree? 
13. How does he do his work? 
14. How many days are there in a week? 
15. How many scooters did you sell yesterday? 
16. How many students were given prizes? 
17. How much milk did he drink in the morning ? 
18. How much money do you owe him?

11 Grammar Framing Questions