20 Diary Writing

परिचय – डायरी लेखन, लेखन का एक व्यक्तिगत रूप है। डायरी एक लम्बे समय तक दिन-प्रतिदिन लिखे जाने वाले व्यक्तिगत अनुभवों का लेखा-जोखा होती है। डायरी को अपने दैनिक या भविष्य के आवश्यक कार्यों को लिखने के लिए भी प्रयोग किया जा सकता है।

Ingredients of A Diary Writing
(डायरी लेखन के घटक) 

• Write the date near the left hand margin. 
(बाएँ हाशिए के पास दिनांक लिखें।) (नोट-चाहें तो साथ में दिन भी लिखा जा सकता

• Then, write the time of the Diary Writing (if you want) 
(फिर, डायरी लेखन का समय लिखें) (यदि आप चाहें तो) 

• ‘Heading’ can also be written in the centre. 
(मध्य में ‘शीर्षक’ भी लिखा जा सकता है।) 

• Then, write content of the diary. 
(फिर, डायरी का मूल विषय लिखें।) 

• In the end, signature can also be put.
(अन्त में, हस्ताक्षर भी किये जा सकते हैं।) 

How to write a Diary
(डायरी कैसे लिखें) 

• Give truthful observation.
(सत्य पर्यवेक्षण दें) 

• Don’t write routine common things.
(दैनिक सामान्य बातें न लिखें।) 

• Create pen portraits and express your experiences.
(शब्द-चित्र खींचें व अपने अनुभव बाँटें।) 

• Observe the word-limit.
(शब्द-सीमा का पालन करें।) 

• Skip ‘T’ if you refer yourself. (जब स्वयं को उल्लेखित करें तो ‘I’ शब्द न लिखें,
यह understood होता है।) 

Question 1. 
You obtained 90% marks in the VII class. Write a diary note describing your experience to reach the goal.
1 May, 20XX
Yesterday, when my result was declared, I knew that fortune favours the brave. I obtained 90% marks in VII class. From the beginning of the session, I had made my schedule for studies. I went through the syllabus once. Then, I revised the syllabus twice with the help of the ‘Sanjeev Pass Books’ and the ‘Desk Work. I am fond of the Magic Shows’ but I had to suppress it. During tests and examinations, I had to skip my sleep. In summer, I didn’t enjoy cool air of coolers. In winter, I didn’t sit in the quilt I showed bravery in keeping the distractions under control. So, the fortune favoured me. 

Question 2. 
Last year you went to Jaisalmer during monsoon season. The town was flooded. There was loss of life and property. The govt. tried to provide relief. Write a diary note describing the scenes you saw there. 
Sunday, 11 July 20XX 


Today, really I knew that how dangerous the flood can be. Was in Jaisalmer town today. Around 10.00 a.m. there started torrential rain. In the | beginning, the people were happy. But when it remained incessant for some time, there happiness started turning into worries.

The torrential rain lasted for two hours. The town being in low lying area, the speedy water made its entry in huge mass. It raged many buildings to the ground. People and cattle were floating, Saw one wooden box floating. Saw tears in the eyes of the people.

Heard cries of the dying Myself was clinging to a huge tree. Therefore, I could save myself. It was a traumatic experience and scene. Though the govt. tried to provide relief but it was insufficient.
Bahadur Singh

Question 3. 
Your pet dog went missing. How did you feel? Write it in a diary note. 
Saturday, 11 March 20XX


My pet dog ‘Sheru’ was really lovely and lively. He waited for my return from school. He everyday welcomed me by his wagging tail. We played together and enjoyed much. He was of white colour. He had long and thick hair. He had an oval face. His body was supple. Loved and liked him very much. Such a dog is al true friend.
Karmayogi Sharma 

Question 4. 
You have stood first in the Inter-School Recitation Competition. Write a diary note describing you experience of the competition, your feelings before and after the result. 
10 January, 20XX

Today, I am feeling very happy because of my outstanding achievement. There was an InterSchool Recitation Competition in my school today, in the morning. About 40 students from 25 schools participated in it. It was a tough competition.

Most of the participants had their recitation with proper intonation, stress and rhythm. I felt nervous for few moments before by turn, I prayed to God. And at my turn, 1 presented the recitation very rhythmically, very eloquently and very sweetly.

At the time of the announcement of the result, my name wasn’t announced for the third position or the second position but for the first position. There was a loud and long clapping. I was profusely congratulated. My teachers patted me.

The Principal blessed me and said, ‘We are proud of you.’ At home, Mamma and Papa felt proud on me. They gifted me a beautiful sky blue dress. It was really an ecstatic moment. Such moments response confidence in everyone. And by confidence, one can always stand first and be happy.