7 Active Voice – Passive Voice

Passive Voice बनाने का of Golden Formula : 

RBSE Class 6 English Grammar Active Voice - Passive Voice 1
(1) दिये गये वाक्य के Object को Subject बनाकर वाक्य के प्रारम्भ में रख दें। 
(2) Subject के तुरन्त बाद उसके अनुसार helping verb लगायें। 
(3) Verb की III Form लगायें।
(4) वाक्य में कोई adverbial हों तो उन्हें लगायें। 
(5) by लगायें। 
(6) दिये गये वाक्य के Subject को by के बाद object की जगह लगायें। 
नोट – Passive Voice बनाने के लिए इन six steps (छः सोपानों) को पूरा करें। ध्यान रखें, यदि Active Voice में step संख्या चार (Adverbial) न हो तो आप भी इस step को छोड़कर शेष पाँच steps पूरा करें। 

Examples : ( उदाहरण)

नोट – अगांकित unknown subjects by लगाकर passive voice में न लिखें- They, We, People, All of them, Someone, Somebody, Everyone, Everybody, One, Children आदि |

Exercise -1.

Change the following sentences into passive voice —

1. Taro saw a beautiful little waterfall. 
2. Taro quickly filled the pitcher. 
3. Taro told her the story of the magic waterfall.
4. Each man heard the story of the waterfall. 
5. She later earned her Ph.D. 
6. They watched the Columbia.
7. NASA selected Kalpana for training as an astronaut. 
8. The crew performed experiments. 
9. It takes enormous ability to become an astronaut. 
10. A little boy was taking the girl between the flower beds. 
Answers : 
1. A beautiful little waterfall was seen by Taro.
2. The pitcher was quickly filled by Taro. 
3. (a) The story of the magic waterfall was told to her by Taro. 
(b) She was told the story of the magic waterfall by Taro. 
4. The story of the waterfall was heard by each man. 
5. Her Ph.D. was later earned by her. 
6. The Columbia was watched. 
7. Kalpana was selected by NASA for training as an astronaut. 
8. Experiments were performed by the crew. 
9. Enormous ability is taken to become an astronaut. 
10. The girl was being taken by a little boy between the flower beds.