(ii) Anne Frank had a big and loving family yet she felt herself alone. Explain. ( From the Diary of Anne Frank )

Anne feels it silly for a 13 year  old teenager to have a diary as it would seem she has many friends and other people to talk to, but in reality, she states that she feels very lonely in the world. She wishes her diary to become her friend.

Anne believes that paper has more patience than people because it listens to her more patiently and silently. It does not react like other people and also because she can confide in her diary all her secrets

  1. Write the theme of the poem ‘The Trees’. ( The Trees )

The theme of the poem is that trees are not very happy with the activities of human beings. The crux of the poem is the conflict between man and nature. A plant is brought inside the house when it is a sapling but as it grows, it gets suffocated with the limited space available. So, it departs to feel free. The trees are thus moving out from the poet’s house to the forest to free themselves. Humans must understand that their actions are impacting negatively on nature and mend their ways before it’s too late. 

(ii) Who entered Belinda’s house one day and what things did he have ? ( The Tale of Custard the Dragon )

The pirate had pistol in both the hands and was having a sword in his teeth. His beard was black and one leg was wooden. He entered belinda’s house with bad intention.

(iii) What contrast has been shown between the tiger in the zoo and the tiger in the forest ? ( A Tiger in the Zoo )

The difference between a tiger in a zoo and in a forest is huge as in the former it is a caged animal who has lost its freedom whilst in the latter it is independent and supreme. Explanation: The tiger is the king of the forest. It is born free.

(i) Bholi’s teacher played an important role in making Bholi’s life. Explain. ( Bholi )

Bholis teacher played an important role in changing the course of her life. … The teacher transformed her into a confident person who could read write and speak clearly. This gave her the required confidence. Moreover teacher’s appreciation and encouragement helped her overcome her low morale.

(ii) What message does the author want to convey through the lesson ‘The Thief’s Story’ ? ( The Thief’s Story )

The message conveyed by the story is that trust and confidence can reform even the most evil ones.

(i) Why was the author happy in keeping Tricki in his hospital ? ( A Triumph of Surgery )

The narrator was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest because Mrs Pumphrey had started bringing around two dozen eggs at a time to build Tricki’s strength. Later, she started sending bottles of wine to help enriching Tricki’s blood. The narrator and his partners started enjoying the eggs, wine and brandy meant for Tricki as it was too much for Tricki. The doctor enjoyed the days of deep contentment relishing the eggs, wine and brandy.

  1. How did Griffin make his body as transparent as a sheet of glass ? ( Footprints without Feet )

Griffin was a brilliant scientist, as he discovered a drug due to which his body became transparent as a sheet of glass after swallowing it. This made him invisible.

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