Postcard Writing 8

1. Write a postcard to your father for his permission to go on education tour.
Netaji Hostel
Kendriya Vidyalaya
My dear Father
Our class teacher has arranged an education tour. The students of the class can avail this opportunity to go to Delhi and other places. I want to join this tour. Please send me your permission and the money for this purpose.
CBSE Class 8 English Postcard Writing 1

2. Puran Singh is to board the Shatabdi Express on way to Kolkata. At New Delhi railway station, just before the train is going to leave the station, he remembers that he has put the keys of the almirah among his books. He decides to write a postcard to his sister Sonu asking her to put the keys either at the mantelpiece or give them to mother. Write the postcard to Sonu, using not more than 50 words.
15 March, 2017
Dear Sonu
Now it is just 5 minutes for the train to leave. I suddenly remember that I left the almirah keys among my books. Please put them on the mantelpiece. Alternatively, you may give them to mother to avoid
CBSE Class 8 English Postcard Writing 2

3. Anupam Verma was on his way to a round tour of south India with his school party. At Sonepat, just before the Jhelum Express was due to arrive, he remembered something important It was that he issued a cheque for his friend but he left it in his coat’s pocket. His friend was to collect it after 3 days and he was to ask his mother to give that to his friend. He decided to write a postcard to his brother, Arun, asking him to give the cheque to his friend when he called. He had only a few minutes before his train left. Write the postcard to Aran, using not more than 50 words.
20 June, 2016
Dear Arun
I forgot to ask yo
CBSE Class 8 English Postcard Writing 3