Story Writing 8

1. It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning…” complete the story in about 150 words, providing an appropriate title to it.

An Accident

It was raining heavily, the street lights had gone off and I was returning home after enjoying a wonderful evening with friends. The memories of the evening were still fresh with me.

We had watched the action thriller—Horror. Then we had spent sometime in the restaurant discussing the actors and the story. Finally, seeing the overcast sky, we decided to part. I started on my motorcycle.

Soon it began to rain. There was no light on the road. Still I kept going. Suddenly, I felt that my bike had hit a cyclist. The cyclist had fallen on the road. I stopped. ‘See, what have you done to me, cried the youngman nursing his wounds.’ ‘Sorry, I could not see in the darkness,’ I replied “Here are five hundred rupees. With that you can pay the doctor and mend your cycle.”

“Don’t show me your money. Go your way but carefully now, lest you should hit someone else.”
Ashamed of myself. I moved on.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 1

2. Write a story in about 150 words by continuing the following :
“I jumped out of the bed at midnight…”

Dream Journey

I jumped out of the bed at Midnight. I had seen a very weird dream. I was sitting in my astrophysics class. Suddenly my bench converted into the pilot’s seat and the room had transformed into the cockpit of a/the space ship. The room was full of twinkling control-switches and the computer said, “We are facing turbulence ! The atmosphere of Saturn is more dangerous than expected.”

The temperature was going up. The dense atmosphere was producing unprecedented friction.
“System paralysis !”, the system exclaimed. I was already sweating. We were not prepared for such a situation.
“Oh! My God! My seat is on fire!”, I yelled ahd pushed on pilot-ejection button with the fear whether I would be able to breathe on Saturn or not?

And thank God! It was not Saturn. It was my home in Satana and my brother’s call had just ejected me out of my bed—my dream space-ship.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 2

3. It was a bright day and you were reading a book in your lawn. Suddenly a man threw a bag in your garden and ran away. You called him out but…. In about 150 words, write a story using some of the phrases given below :
Bag looked suspicious called police, parents concerned, neighbours gathered, bomb squad called, opened the bag, j’ull of old used clothes.

A Scare

It was a fine day of February. It was still cold and sitting in the sunlight in the lawn with flowers peeping all about was a pleasure. To enjoy the beauty of the weather, I picked up an interesting book and took my seat on a chair in the garden.

It was an interesting story. The lover was running after the beloved. Suddenly she tumbled on a stone and fell down.

‘PlopV there was a sound. I suddenly became alert to my surroundings. It was not my heroine but a big bag that had fallen on the lawn just a little distance from me.

I had heard so much about the people throwing bombs that I got up from my chair in panic. “Father ! Mother !” I cried.

They came running and with them came my little sister too.
We looked at the thing more closely. ‘Who knows it may be a bomb’, we said almost in unison. Neighbours had joined in and some dialled No. 100. Soon the police was there with its trained bomb squad.

A policeman carefully turned the bag with his stick. Lo! someone had thrown a bag full of rubbish (old used clothes) in our garden.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 3

4. You are Mohit/Monika. Everyday while going to school you see some rag pickers digging in the garbage. You got a chance to talk to one of them.
Write a story about him in 120 words.

The Shame

When the weather is fine, I like to walk. My school is only about a couple of kilometres from my house. Seeing the beautiful weather I started early and walked as if all the time in the world was at my disposal. Some rag-picker with a bag on his back was picking up used plastic bottles and putting them into his bag.

“What’s your name?” I had decided to talk. He moved on without looking at me.
I took out a two rupee coin and showed it to him. He was now interested.
‘Salim’, he replied as he moved towards me.
“Don’t you have something better to do? Why don’t you go to school?”
“Why should I go to school? To be beaten by a teacher and that too without getting anything in return!”
I was dumb-struck. I could think of no answer and giving him that 2-rupee coin, ^ I moved on. I felt ashamed thinking of the ground realities.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 4

5. I was walking with my dog last night, when I saw a strange light. I wondered if it could be a UFO.
Complete the story in about 150 words using the hints below.
Hints :

  • strange light in the sky
  • a larger flying saucer
  • alien creatures
  • strange features
  • suspicious moments
  • your reaction



I have a pet dog. It’s pleasure to walk with him at night. That was a dark night. Suddenly there was a very strong glare making my vision blurred. My dog was barking furiously.

After the glare was off, I looked around. There was still some light and a large flying saucer had landed just a little distance away from where I was. So far I had only heard about the unknown flying objects. Today, it was there before my eyes.

With bated breath, I looked on. The dog was barking still more furiously but I ordered it to be silent. Some strange creatures came out of it. Their only resemblance with human beings was that they also stood on two legs. I hid myself behind a tree still keeping a watch on them. They had some tools or equipments with them. Two of them looked carefully into the sky while the others moved about a little. Perhaps they were taking some photographs.

Within a few minutes, they went back into their saucer and flew away high into the sky.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 5

6. Read the beginning of the story given below and complete it in 150 words. Give the story a suitable title.
A man of 92 years, short, very well-preserved who takes great care of his appearance, is moving into an old people’s home today. His 70-years old wife has recently died, and he is obliged to leave his home. After waiting several hours in the retirement home lobby, he gently smiles as he is told that his room is ready. As he slowly walks
to the elevator,

Welcome To Old-Age-Home

A man of 92 years, short, very well preserved who takes great care of his appearance is moving to an old people’s home today. His seventy-years old wife has recently died and he is obliged to leave his home. After waiting several hours in the retirement home lobby, he gently smiles as he is told that his room is ready. He slowly walks to the elevator.

It is not his first visit to the Home. He has been frequently visiting the place along with his wife for the last so many years. He had often looked upon the faces of the residents with love, not unmixed with pity. Then, he had often wondered what would have happened Of him if he had not married Shakuntla soon after the death of his first wife. He was 50 then and Shakuntla was only 28. Many of his friends had secretly shown their disapproval but he knew how difficult it was to live alone.

Thanks to Shakuntla, these forty two years of their married life had passed so well. And now when he is coming to this Old-Age-Home, he is satisfied that he has lived his life well.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 6

7. I peeked at my watch. It was exactly 12 midnight., I had missed the last bus home and hence I had walked for almost an hour. Thank God! Home was just a few kilometres away. Suddenly …. Complete the story in any suitable way in about 150 words. Give a suitable title to your story.

The Escape

Suddenly a motor-bike stopped close to me. Stricken with horror, I looked at them. They asked me who I was and where I was going. I gave them my name and address. There were two of them. Their weapons were peeping out of their pockets.

They asked for my wallet which I quietly gave them. There were some five hundred rupees which they pocketed. Then they found my A.T.M. Card too. They forced me to si I with them on their bike and started in the opposite direction. Clearly they were going to some A.T.M. booth. Panicked and helpless, I did not know what to do.

As it happened, one of them felt a great need to make water. Handing his bike to his friend, he went towards a cluster of the trees nearby. I had an inspiration. I pushed the man holding the bike towards the road and before he could do anything I ran on his bike with full speed. Reaching a police post. I related the story of my escape.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 7

8. On the basis of the clues given below, write a short story in about 150 words.
Mr. Chatterjee—rich man—his darling grandson fell sick—engaged best doctors— post operation medicines not available—searched for the drug—result negative— went to Mother Teresa’s ashram—Mother looked into his eyes—helpless state— poorest of the poor—Money couldn’t help—Mother helped—paid thanks.

The Divine Mercy

Mr. Chatterjee is well known in the city of Kolkata. He is respected by everyone because he is not only rich, he is also very charitable. He is always ready to help the poor and the needy.

So when his darling grandson Muntu fell ill, everyone felt concerned. He was taken to the best hospital of the city and a team of the best doctors looked after him. He had to be operated for the surgery of the brain. The operation was successful. The doctors prescribed some medicines. They were not found anywhere. The patient’s conditions were going from bad to worse. Some other medicines were tried with only negative results.

Suddenly Mr. Chatterjee had an inspiration. Against the advice of the doctors, he took Muntu on his lap and moved to his car. He asked the driver to go at once to Nirmal Institute where Mother Teresa’s Ashram was located.

Mother looked into the child’s eyes with her usual kindness and affection. Lo! the child was also looking at her. Within minutes, he smiled and with him smiled everyone who was there.
CBSE Class 8 English Story Writing 8